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Meet the mare named Electric Pleasure…

During TRT Live in the Netherlands, I had the pleasure to meet Electric Pleasure. This mare really lived up to her name! It took me quite a while to teach her that she didn’t have to rely on her natural instincts, but that she could manage herself instead. You can see clips from the demonstration […]

Does your horse really know the trailer?

Does he really know the trailer? It is a question I often ask myself. ‘He is just missing parts of information that he needs to know how to be relaxed about traveling.’ This is what I think when someone tells me of their trailer loading problem or horse. Some of you may have seen the […]

Create a willing mindset in our horses

We all want our horses to enjoy their daily work. That each day they are enthusiastic and energetic in their attitude towards their training. We want to create a willing mindset in our horses, but how do we create this? It of course starts with the right mind set of the rider, which begins with […]

Training a young horse: when to start?

A horse’s learning begins the moment their feet hit the ground. The learning of how they should perceive the world they are born into, listening to their instincts and following the behavior of their mother. They are being shaped by their environment and their experiences. Left in this process to grow up with other horses […]

3 mistakes we make when there’s a scary corner

The other day someone came up to me and asked for advice about her horse spooking in one particular corner of the arena. It didn’t happen every day, but most of the times riding past the corner involved increased tension. You can imagine that when you have this problem for a while, not only your […]